Refrigerant CO2 equivalent Calculator

The converter below enables you to calculate the CO2 equivalent of any refrigerant, depending on the kind and the weight of the refrigerant.

Do you have to calculate a lot?

You could save time calculating CO2 equivalents by automating it. WIth the form below it is possible to upload an Excel file with a list of refrigerants and their weights. After that, the server calculates the CO2 equivalents and you can download another Excel file with a list of these CO2 equivalents. You can use this example to see the layout of the file.
refrigerant co2 equivalent example
State the kind of refrigerant in the first column. In the second column, fill in the weight of the refrigerant. After you have uploaded the file, two extra columns with the CO2 equivalent and the inspection frequency will be placed after the first two columns.

Upload a file

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It is also possible to use the EPBD Building Manager to quickly access the Refrigerant CO2 equivalent calculator. This application is only available in Dutch. A translation can be made if it is necessary.